We can work with you on cost reduction projects, providing advice and options, assisting with design and implementation and ensuring that you have the correct process, procedures and documentation to support the project.

Cost reduction projects can be an area of high risk for clients so our expertise will ensure that your Company follows a fair process to achieve the outcomes you need. If you need to reduce your headcount, we can help identify the selection pools, create a fair selection process and assist with consultation meetings, through to the actual process of termination.

This is often a stressful and unwanted task for line managers. We are here to ensure that they also receive the right guidance and support throughout the process. Wherever possible, we will always aim to support your team in finding new employment.

As well as downsizing projects, we can also assist you with TUPE projects, organisational design, contractual amendments and more. We will ensure that your teams feel engaged and involved in any change management project as this is key to managing the process successfully.

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